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What Would Happen If You Replace All Drinks with Water

Water is probably the most underrated drink. However, water is the only drink that we need, with up to 60% of our bodies being comprised of water. So it is a no-brainer that we need water for our bodies to function properly, right?

True that water can seem kind of boring, compared to many options of flavored drinks. But the health benefits of drinking water are endless. 

Let’s say that you stop drinking coffee, sodas, juices, alcohol, etc. This is what will happen if you drink water only.  

You Will Lose Weight Faster

Yes, you will, and no special diet required. If you replace all your drinks with water only, you will lose weight faster. In an experiment conducted by Chris Bailey, a Canadian writer and productivity consultant. He tried a whole month of drinking water only. He reported that in nine days he lost one pound of fat. The equivalent of running 8 kilometers a day, for nine days. (1) 

Increased Cognitive Abilities

Did you know that our brains are about 75 to 85% water?. Water helps to deliver nutrients to the brain as well as eliminating toxins. It also improves the blood flow and oxygen to your brain. Which in turn increases concentration, focus, creativity, clarity, memory function, and helps to balance moods. 

Research has shown the negative effects of dehydration on the brain. The lack of water can cause headaches, sleep disorders, brain fog, depression, and anger. In some cases, extended periods of dehydration can shrink grey matter causing the brain to age prematurely. (2)

Healthy Skin

When it comes to achieving glowing beautiful skin many of us turn to products. Creams, serums, facial masks, and many other treatments. However, the skin is the biggest organ of our bodies. It is composed of cells and those cells need water. Thus, a lot can be accomplished by keeping us hydrated. 

There is not much research done about the direct effects of water on the skin. Most of the evidence is anecdotal. There are many claims that increasing water intake can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firm the skin, and diminish dark circles. Water only can do amazing things to our skin and it’s cheaper. So why not to try it! (3)


Some of the drinks on the market can actually add toxins to our bodies. Drinking water only, it can eliminate all those toxins. It is the best and cheaper detoxifier. 

Water helps to eliminate toxins by keeping hydrated vital organs like our kidneys and liver. Without water, the kidneys can not eliminate harmful substances through the urine. The color and smell of your urine become darker or more smellier if you are not consuming enough water. Keeping hydrated will also help you to prevent those painful kidney stones. Your liver also needs water to help it to eliminate toxins like alcohol out of your bodies. Drink more water! (4)

Lower Risk of Diseases

One of the fantastic benefits of drinking water is the prevention of various diseases. 

Did you know that your heart beats faster when you are dehydrated? Your heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood per day. That is a lot of work. If you drink enough water, you help your heart to do its job easier. On the other hand, if your intake of water is low, your heart needs to work harder. You will even feel palpitations. This puts you at a high risk of coronary disease.

Drinking water only can also lower your risk of hypertension, and bladder cancer. (5)

Stay Hydrated

For all the reasons above it is very important that you keep hydrated. If you don’t keep track of your intake, it’s time to start to pay attention. The long-term benefits are endless, so it’s worth the effort. It is recomendé to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but keep in mind that this number may vary as we all have different needs. Some recommendations to keep your water game strong:

  • Have a water bottle with you at all times, preferably one that you can reuse.  
  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.
  • Get an app or set an alarm on your phone that reminds you to drink water throughout the day. (6) 
  • Drink water if you are hungry. Many times we confuse hunger with thirst. If you are still hungry, then eat something nutritious and delicious!

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