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San Diego County Woman Believes Ultrasound Image Resembles Late Father

Ultrasound Resembles Late Father

A woman from the San Diego area received a big surprise after her latest well check-up for her pregnancy. In the ultrasound image that was taken at the appointment, it appears that her late father is bending over to kiss her unborn daughter. 

In an interview with ABC 10News San Diego, expectant mother Shantel Carrillo called her baby girl her “little angel baby” because she has been waiting for more than 10 years to have another child. In that time, she has had two miscarriages. Carrillo also has another daughter named Myree. (1)

At the appointment, Carrillo was five and a half months pregnant. She was able to see her baby through ultrasound and received pictures to take home with her. 

Like many expectant parents, Carrillo decided to post an ultrasound photo on social media. She never thought that the photo would go viral. 

“I didn’t see it; I just posted the original picture online,” Carrillo said in an interview with ABC 10News. (1)

San Diego County Woman Believes Ultrasound Image Resembles Late Father

Unusual Ultrasound

Her friends were quick to show her that there was something unusual about this ultrasound photo. It looks as if someone is in the top left corner of the photo leaning down to kiss the baby. And when you see it from that perspective, the ultrasound bears a striking resemblance to a photo of Carrillo’s late father with her older daughter Myree.

“I posted the ultrasound, just that one that you see on Facebook, and right when I posted it, like 30 seconds later, someone’s like, ‘There’s an angel kissing your baby!’” Carrillo said to NBC San Diego. (2)

“‘Holy crap! That’s Chuck! That’s Chuck,’” Carrillo said her friends told her. They were pointing out that the face in the ultrasound looks like Carrillo’s father, Charles, who passed away in 2016 of a sudden heart attack. (1)

Some friends also said it looked as if an angel was leaning down to kiss her baby. When Carrillo showed the ultrasound to her stepmother, she broke down in tears. 

Visiting His Granddaughter

If you were to know my dad, you would know that that’s something he would do. He would come back and do something crazy like this,” Carrillo told ABC 10News. (1)

“My dad was obsessed with my daughter [Myree],” Carrillo added. To show the resemblance of the face in the ultrasound to her father, Carrillo shared the first photo of him and her oldest daughter. In that photo, Charles is holding newborn Myree and leaning down toward her in a way that resembles the image in the ultrasound. (1)

Carrillo said that the ultrasound felt like validation, and it made sense to her that her late father would make a visit to her unborn daughter. She said he was just doing his job as a grandfather. (1, 2)

“It does look a lot like my dad and it’s awesome. And, you know, it could be him, just saying, ‘Hey, I’m here, and it’s all good,’” Carrillo told NBC San Diego. “Or it could be that the placenta just looks like my dad, which is awesome, too.” (2)

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