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Father-Son Duo Strives To Save Bees And The Planet

Bees and beehive colonies used to get a bad rap, but two men are on a mission to save the bees – and the planet.

Many of us recall spring afternoons in elementary school when bees would make their way into the classroom, and all the children would shriek and panic in fear. Now that we’ve grown up and come to understand more about the importance of bees, however, those days of bee-fear are long gone. Many of us tend to feel more awe and less fright at the sight of those striped buzzing creatures.

The Importance Of Beehive Colonies

Common sense tells us that if we don’t have food to eat, we don’t survive. What does that have to do with bees? Everything. The reason why we have the variety and abundance of food that exists on this planet is in great part because of honeybee pollination. In fact, bees pollinate up to one-third of our food, from nuts to fruits to vegetables, keeping the food that we eat healthy and in great supply. (1)

The Plight Of Bees

Unfortunately, bee populations are declining, and this could be bad news for our food supply. Bees are not living as long as they used to, and they are reproducing at lower rates. This means the world has fewer bees, which causes less pollination for our nutritious foods. Because humans are destroying bees’ natural habitats, their hives are disappearing. As suburban sprawl continues, bees have fewer options for homes. Moreover, pesticides are obliterating beehive colonies. The chemicals we use to keep bugs away from our plants are killing much-needed insects, including bees. (1)

The Andersons To The Rescue

Stuart and Cedar Anderson come from a beekeeping family who cares deeply for the earth. This father and son team recognized the importance of saving the bee population and have created a unique patented artificial beehive that works to harvest honey and save bees. They call their invention The Flow Hive. It harvests honey, guides the honey to drip out effortlessly, and prevents the killing of bees during the process. What’s even more impressive, the Andersons have donated the money they earned from The Flow Hive to nonprofit honeybee advocacy organizations. This family strives to do much more than simply sell beehives: They educate people about the importance of bees, do business sustainably, and save bees along the way. Their beekeeping business launched in 2015 and they already serve more than 150,000 customers all over the globe. The Anderson family business has created family bundles to help families new to bee-hiving get started. They even offer The Flow Hive to beekeeping clubs, associations, and societies in an effort to help spread the joy of sustainable and ethical beekeeping. Their website also includes tips and ideas to help earth-loving hobbyists learn about beekeeping. (2)

Ethical Business, Sustainable Planet

Stuart and Cedar Anderson created their business, Honey Flow, and built a wildly successful beekeeping empire. They remind us of what can happen when we combine our passions and our values. In their case, doing so caused a ripple effect that will help the planet for generations to come.

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