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Millions With Heart Disease Use Pot, Risking Harm

Research has found that heart disease patients develop chest pain more readily if they smoke pot, while other studies suggest that marijuana use might even serve as a heart attack trigger, the review found.

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Could Your Fitbit Help Detect the Flu?

Research has shown that young men with fevers had increases in their resting heart rate of about 8.5 beats per minute (bpm) for about every 2-degree Fahrenheit increase in body temperature.

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Confronting Racial Bias in Maternal Deaths

The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of any developed country, and African American women like Kira are overly affected

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Diet Drug Belviq May Raise Cancer Risk: FDA

Health care providers should weigh the benefits of taking lorcaserin against the potential risks when deciding whether to prescribe or continue patients on the medication, the FDA advised.

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New Drugs Getting FDA’s Blessing Faster, but Is That a Good Thing?

The result is that patients are being prescribed pricey new medications that have not been tested as rigorously, said lead researcher Jonathan Darrow, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.

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‘Burnout’ Could Raise Your Odds for A-fib

Be careful of burnout — especially after a new study finds it can raise your risk for the dangerous irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation.

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