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Headlines and Important Health Updates from the WHO

Lies Spread on Social Media Hamper Vaccinations

Every 1 point increase in the effort to discredit vaccines is linked to an average 2% drop in annual vaccine coverage around the world, and a 15% increase in negative tweets about vaccination, researchers found.

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For Some, Postpartum Depression Lingers for Years

Of nearly 4,900 new mothers researchers followed, one-quarter had depression symptoms at some point in their child’s first three years.

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A Closer Look at Joe Biden’s Health

So just how healthy is Biden? Quite healthy, according to the most  recent medical assessment released by Biden’s doctor in December 2019.

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Searching for Clues to COVID-19 Immunity

Getting more specific answers about how the immune system responds to the virus that causes COVID-19, including whether recovery is likely permanent, is crucial not only to those who have recovered. These answers can help inform vaccine makers to make the most effective vaccines as well.

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Who’s At Risk For ‘Long COVID?’

About 5% of those with COVID-19 will have symptoms for eight weeks or more, according to the preprint analysis of data, CNN reported Wednesday.

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Could Mom’s Thyroid Levels Influence ADHD in Kids?

The study found that children born to mothers with low thyroid hormone levels during the first trimester of pregnancy had a 28% increased risk of being diagnosed with ADHD later.

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Pandemic Fears Tied to California Gun Sale Surge

Most buyers pointed to fears over “lawlessness” (76%), prison releases (56%), the government “going too far” (49%), or the government “collapsing” (38%).

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