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CDC Monitors Potential Monkeypox Exposure in U.S.

The CDC is watching for a potential outbreak of monkeypox in the U.S. in addition to monitoring for the Delta variant of COVID-19.

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Prescriptions for Fruits and Vegetables a Blossoming Program

The premise is simple: A health care provider or a health insurance plan provides a ”prescription” for produce. Patients redeem it at a local farmer’s market, grocery store, or a community-based sponsoring organization.

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Why the 2nd Dose of Pfizer Vaccine Is So Crucial

New research finds the second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine is key — it makes a huge impact on the COVID vaccine’s effectiveness.

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Statins May Help Protect Against Severe COVID-19

A new study finds that for people with a history of high blood pressure or heart disease, cholesterol-lowering statins help lower risk of dying from COVID-19.

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Johnson & Johnson Hair Products Cause Hair Loss, Lawsuit Claims

Dermatologists say you should look for hair-care products from companies with a strong costumer experience and know what works best for you.

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Friends, Family Key to Turning a ‘No’ on Vaccination to a ‘Yes’

A new Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) poll reveals nothing sways a vaccine-hesitant person more than a word with a family member, friend or their own doctor.

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Tips to Avoid Heat Illness Amid Record U.S. Heatwave

As temperatures across the U.S. surge to historic — and deadly — levels, experts recommend knowing the signs and symptoms of heat illness.

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