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Bus Station Opens Its Door To Homeless Dogs And Gives Them Special Beds To Protect Them From Winter

It’s hard to deny the plight of another living being. The employees at the Barreirinha bus terminal in Brazil have strong feelings about this and have put a care plan into action for some special pups. It seems a few furbabies decided that the bus station was now home for them, and they were not wrong! No one knows exactly where they came from, if they had all lived on the street from birth or if they were dumped. 

Whatever happened will likely remain a mystery, but the furry ones formed a pack for themselves and then added the bus terminal people to their bunch. Wise move… these folks know how to create a comfy environment! Each dog had been given their own bed and blankets, and if the photos are any indication, these sweet pups know they were cared for, they finally arrived at a safe place. This post from 2017 is still warming hearts across the internet. (1)

Homeless Dogs – A Worldwide Concern

Unfortunately, the stray animal problem is not one that can be isolated to any single part of the globe. It is a very real issue everywhere, even in the States. In this day and age, it’s sad and surprising, how many euthanizations there are each year. 

It seems the solution to this issue may be as complex as the issue itself. Education for the public as well as for pet owners, access to free and low-cost sterilization services, and affordable pet health care and food are a few of the things that are happening right now and will begin turning the tide. 

Though the tide is turning, we still need to account for the furry ones who are on the streets through no fault of their own. If every person on earth who could, would find it in their heart to take a little responsibility for this shared burden, there may not even be a problem in the future. 

Global Solutions For Homeless Dogs

The truth is that many people all around the globe are doing what they can to help the homeless dogs who can’t help themselves… the furbabies who don’t know what they did wrong, but one look at their face reveals the sadness and confusion. If you want to help too, all you have to do is Google “homeless dog rescue”. You’ll find thousands upon thousands of videos, stories, and opportunities to help in your area. Everything from how to make a rain-resistant refillable public feeder, to volunteer gigs at the local shelter. Perhaps you could foster a dog and help them get to the right home, or take pound puppies for walks on weekends. Extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? Fund a furbaby’s veterinary care!

The bottom line is that we’re all in this together. The problem with homeless dogs and cats will not go away until we all make a concerted effort, on several fronts, to bring it under control. By making an effort to be a part of the solution, everyone benefits. Just as desperate people do desperate things, so too do all disparaged beings. Our whole world is safer when everyone’s basic needs are met. Chipping in any way you can is so dearly needed and appreciated.

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