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What’s the Best Exercise for Blood Sugar?

All physical activity is good, but different types can affect your blood sugar in different ways. What will work best for you?

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During Sleep, the Brain Is Wide Awake, Learning

Sleep is crucial to our ability to make connections from information we pick up during the day, according to a computer model of two areas of the brain.

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Gun Deaths Rose 30% Among U.S. Kids in a Decade

A new study finds young Americans became 30% more likely to die as a result of gun violence over the past decade, largely due to gun-related suicides.

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Science Lags Behind for Kids with Long COVID

For children with long COVID, there are no medications shown to directly target the condition. Instead, caregivers target their symptoms, which include nausea, dizziness, fatigue, head-aches, and a racing heart.

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What Doctors Wish Patients Knew About Their Work

A Medscape poll reveals that they want patients to understand how many challenges they have, as well as how much work they do to take care of patients.

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Go Bananas for Female Heart Health

The researchers found that as potassium consumption in women went up, blood pressure went down. And as potassium consumption rose, so did women’s blood pressure.

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