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Pandemic Lockdowns, Cleaner Air Tied to Fewer Heart Attacks

When skies were blue and air pollution was reduced during stay-at-home lockdowns at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were fewer severe heart attacks in the United States, a new study suggests.

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New COVID Variant of ‘Concern’ Drives U.S. Travel Bans

The World Health Organization on Friday classified a new COVID-19 variant from South Africa as a “variant of concern,” which means it could be more contagious, cause more severe disease and reduce the efficacy of vaccines and treatments.

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Vaccinations Voluntary for UAW Members

The Big Three automakers and the United Auto Workers say unionized workers will not be required to have COVID-19 vaccinations.

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WHO Warns of 700,000 More COVID-19 Deaths in Europe by March

More than 1.5 million people have already died from COVID-19 in the 53 countries that make up the World Health Organization’s European region. That means the death toll could top 2.2 million by early 2022.

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About 90% of Federal Workers Got Vaccinated by Deadline

More than 90% of federal employees received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose by the Nov. 22 deadline that President Joe Biden announced this fall.

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More Americans Not Planning to Have Kids, Poll Finds

Birthrates dropped in the U.S. during the pandemic, marking a decline for the sixth year in a row. Fertility rates in the U.S. were already at a record low before the pandemic, the center reported.

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