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How COVID-19 Raced Through a Georgia Summer Camp

A report on how the new coronavirus spread rapidly through a summer camp in Georgia suggests kids transmit the virus very well .

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First U.S. Dog With COVID-19 Has Died

Whether the dog died from the coronavirus or lymphoma isn’t clear. Buddy got sick in April but it wasn’t until May that a vet confirmed the animal was infected.

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Another Effect of COVID: Lasting Hearing Problems?

When the patients were asked if they had any changes in their hearing, 13% said it was worse. Eight patients said their hearing had deteriorated and eight said they had tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

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American Cancer Society Recommends HPV Test

The new guideline calls for an initial cervix screening at age 25, followed by the human papillomavirus (HPV) test every five years, continuing through age 65, the guideline says.

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Stressors Harming U.S. Families During Pandemic

Just over a quarter of parents said their mental health had deteriorated during the pandemic, and about 14% said their kids’ behavioral health suffered.

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Common Diabetes Meds Tied to Complication Risk

People taking a class of diabetes medications called SGLT2s have up to three times the risk for a serious complication called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) compared to people taking another drug, new research reveals.

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WebMD Poll: Most Would Wait on COVID Vaccine

Fewer than half of people plan to get a coronavirus vaccine in the first year it’s available, and an even smaller group — fewer than a third — say they’ll get it in the first 90 days, a new WebMD reader poll finds.

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Students Spend Their Summer Constructing Tiny Homes For The Homeless

Learning caring and compassion for those less fortunate, one tiny house at a time. That’s how a group of students in Kitchener, Ontario Canada are choosing to spend their 2020 summer vacation. In a program sponsored by the parishioners at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, these kind kids are converting tiny sheds into 10 brightly-colored, …

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Many U.S. Homes Too Cramped to Stop COVID’s Spread

Researchers found that more than 20% of households nationwide lacked enough bedrooms and bathrooms to allow a person with COVID-19 to isolate. That covers roughly one-quarter of the population.

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With Precautions, Unlikely Baby Gets COVID from Mom

There were no cases of coronavirus transmission to the babies during birth or after two weeks of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact.

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