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Amid Pandemic, Too Many Americans Are Hesitating to Call 911

Fear of getting COVID-19 at hospitals and not wanting to burden health care facilities with non-COVID-19 issues might account for these findings

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Studies Detail Syndrome in Kids Linked to COVID

Nearly 300 children in 26 states fell ill with a mysterious COVID-related inflammatory condition between March and May, a pair of new studies show.

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Sustainable Shipping: How Businesses Can Make Shipping More Sustainable?

In recent years, sustainability has risen in its importance both for consumers and as a topic within businesses as they reassess their missions and values. If you’re looking for ways to make your business more sustainable, shipping is a great place to start. Shipping accounts for up to 3% of global emissions and 10% of […]

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Health Care Without Harm Global Programs Annual Report – 2019

Although only a few short months have passed since the 2020s began, it feels like a lifetime ago. The new year dawned with the coronavirus tempest throwing business as usual for most everyone on the planet to the wind. We may well look back at the end of 2019 as the closing out not only of a decade, but of a chapter of modern human history. Yet that chapter, and what we did last year, is still highly relevant in helping us decide how we will move forward.

The work that we did in 2019 with doctors, nurses, hospitals, health systems, ministries of health and United Nations organizations has achieved many positive results that will inform our efforts in this and coming years. Our global programs are accelerating the reduction of health care greenhouse gas emissions, building greater health system resilience, protecting people from the health impacts of biomedical waste, and reducing the social and environmental footprint of health care’s supply chain. Most importantly, we continue to build an ever growing and more dynamic set of networks—a worldwide community.
Health Care Without Harm was founded 24 years ago at the intersection of human health and the environment. At no time in our history has our mission been more relevant than now.



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June 26, 2020Global

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NBA to Use High-Tech Rings to Help Detect COVID-19

The NBA released its safety protocol this month with details for the upcoming return of the season, which gives a glimpse into what life will be like in the “bubble” — an enclosed environment in Orlando, FL, where players will stay largely protected from potential infection.

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Mother Goose Takes Care Of 47 Babies And Keep Them All Safe

If you’re a parent, this lockdown may have you stressed. Even if you’re just sharing a space with kids who would normally be in school, it can be tough. But however many kids are in your house, you definitely don’t have as many to look after as this Canada goose from Saskatoon. The First Discovery …

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CDC Updates COVID-19 Risk Factors

The CDC has updated the list of underlying health conditions that put a person at high risk for severe outcomes from COVID-19.

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1 in 10 Americans Uses a Prescription Painkiller

Americans continue to look to the medicine cabinet for pain relief, with 1 in 10 using some type of prescription painkiller, a new U.S. government report says.

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