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How to Choose a Healthy Bra

Sixteen million bras are purchased every year, however an estimated 80% of us are wearing the wrong size bra! I’ve covered some of the pitfalls of the modern bra in this post, but today I want to discuss how to find the healthiest bra. It depends on several factors, some of which may surprise you. …

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CDC Says ‘Don’t Vape’ As Lung Injury Cases Rise

The number of people who’ve developed a severe form of lung disease potentially tied to vaping has now risen to 215 cases across 25 states, and federal health officials are recommending that Americans not use e-cigarettes.

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FDA Warns of Problems for Some Taking Hep C Drugs

Taking the hepatitis C drugs Mavyret, Zepatier or Vosevi can trigger rare cases of severe liver problems or liver failure in patients who already have moderate-to-severe liver impairment, the FDA warned Wednesday.

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Even Age 80 Is Not Too Late to Begin Exercising

A new study found that men in their 70s and 80s who had never followed an exercise regimen could build muscle mass as well as “master athletes” — those of the same age who had worked out throughout their lives and still competed at the top levels of their sports.

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This one is for Ripley’s

What you are about to read is a virtual mind blower and one
for Ripley’s. It’s all about urine therapy.

First and foremost, urine is not the excess water from food
and liquids that goes through the intestines and is…

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Cucumbers: The versatile veggie

Cucumbers are part of the gourd family called Cucurbitaceae.
There are three main varieties of cucumbers include seedless, pickled, and sliced.
They are usually consumed raw or pickled. The leaves, stem, and seeds are used
in Asian cuisines. It is…

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No-Bake Raspberry Chocolate “Pie” Recipe

Raspberry chocolate pie is one of my favorite dessert recipes of all time. It is one of those awesome no-bake recipes that is the perfect blend of rich and refreshing. Raspberry Chocolate Pie: A Quick and Easy No-Bake Dessert Fresh fruit combined with protein-packed almonds, healthy-fat coconut oil, decadent cocoa, and lightness from whipped cream. It’s a …

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Nitrates in Food: Is Nitrate-Free Worth It?

When trying to make diet changes in order to improve health, nitrates are one of the additives most of us try to avoid. In general, additives and preservatives aren’t ideal, and we want to avoid them when possible. But in the healthy living community there are many differing opinions on nitrates, whether we should eat …

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